2019 Kick-off event!

Seaver back on top after Cunningham’s

From the left: Jeannie Seaver, winner;
Stephanie Mitchell 3d/4th; Room owners
Jim Capas and Andrea Capas; Michell Monk 3rd/4th;
and Crystal McCormick 2nd.

Vero Beach, FL (April 23, 2016) – 2015 TFT Tour Champion Jeannie Seaver won her first event in 2016, at Tour Stop #3 at Cunningham’s in Vero Beach, climbing back to the top of the leader board along the way. Her win over Crystal McCormick didn’t come easy, as McCormick shot lights out all day long. Seaver defeated Kelly Jones, visiting from the Sport-9 Tour, 7-4; Sue Roberts 7-4; and Stephanie Mitchell 7-4, to make it to the final board. McCormick got past Deb Teichert 7-6; newcomer Lauren Madden, 7-1; Julia Spinella 7-4 , and Michell Monk 7-4.

Mitchell and Monk fought through the one loss side to join Seaver and McCormick on the final board. Seaver topped Mitchell 7-3, and McCormick sent Monk home 7-2. In the final match, Seaver easily took the lead over McCormick. However, McCormick wasn’t going to give up easily, showing her strength and making a tremendous come-back to get to the hill after being down 6-2. Ultimately, Seaver won the match which gave her enough points to reclaim the top spot on the TFT rankings. Seaver is followed by Nicolle Cuellar and Roe Guarnero, tied for second. Mitchell is in third place.

Thanks to the new owners of Cunningham’s Pool & Darts, James Capas and Andrea Capas, for being great hosts! Thanks to our title sponsor, Tiger Products, and to Ozone Billiards, Great Lakes Billiards, Ulterior Chalkers, Boynton Billiards and Discount Mugs.

($500-added, modified double elimination)

1st   Jeannie Seaver                    $425
2nd  Crystal McCormick             $300
3rd   Stephanie Mitchell              $185
3rd   Michell Monk                      $185
5th   Roe Guarnero                     $100
5th   Sue Roberts                        $100

Alicia DeAbreu won the gift certificate from Ozone Billiards.

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour. The next event is July 9, 2016 at The Corner Pocket in Largo, Florida. This event will be a Qualifier for the Tornado Open. For more information, visit www.tigerfloridatour.com.


Cuellar takes down Tour Champ at Boulevard Billiards!

Nicolle Cuellar showed that she still has what it takes to get to the top, winning her first TFT event in a long time, taking down the TFT Tour Champion Jeannie Seaver along the way.

33 women came to Boulevard Billiards last Saturday, including several new players from the Ocala area. Cuellar made it past Kaylee McIntosh, a talented 17-year old junior player, and Tour Director Mimi McAndrews before going west thanks to Jeannie Seaver. Cuellar then fought her way back to the finals with wins over Kristen Bennington, Jeri Bouvette and Vanessa Seaver.

Jeannie Seaver, in great form fresh off her 5th/6th place finish at the WPBA US Open, got past Angela Ger, Wendy Langford, Windy Tang, Jessica Human and Michell Monk to meet up with Cuellar in the finals for a revenge match. The final match between Cuellar and Seavers was close, and a few missed shots left the door open for Cuellar, who quickly stepped up and closed the door 7 – 5 for the win.

Vanessa Seaver, Michell Monk finished 3rd/4th. Jeri Bouvette, Windy Tang, Jessica Human and Roe Guarnero finished 5th – 8th.

Thanks again to Boulevard Billiards and Diane Chouliac for being a great host again this year! Thanks to our title sponsor, Tiger Products, and Great Lakes Billiards, Ulterior Chalkers, Boynton Billiards and Discount Mugs.

RESULTS ($500-added) 
Modified Double Elimination

Nicolle Cuellar      $420
Jeannie Seaver    $300
Vanessa Seaver   $200
Michell Monk        $200
Jeri Bouvette         $90
Windy Tang           $90
Jessica Human     $90
Roe Guarnero      $90

Highest finishing player from Boulevard Billiards

Windy Tang       $50

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Stephanie Mitchell wins 2016 Kick-off at Brewlands Billiards!

From the left: Donna Favors, 3d/4th; Roe Guarnero, 2d; Cortney Bernard, 5th/6th;
Room owner Larry Walthall; Stephanie Mitchell, winner; Vanessa Seaver, 5th/6th;
Room owner Chad Clement, and Jeannie Seaver, 3rd/4th.

*By Crystal McCormick

25 ladies gathered on February 20th for the 2016 Tiger Florida Tour (TFT) kick off event at Brewlands Billiards in Lakeland, FL. Tour veteran, Stephanie Mitchell, started the day off strong with notable wins over Crystal McCormick, Jessica Barnes and Vanessa Seaver.  Ultimately, Mitchell and another seasoned tour player, Roe Guarnero, would meet in the finals with Mitchell securing a double hill win to take first place.  Tour newcomer, Donna Favors, had an impressive debut with a 3/4 finish, alongside Jeannie Seaver. Cortney Bernard and Vanessa Seaver rounded out the top 6.

Exciting news! This is the first event where the TFT is affiliated with the newly formed North American Pool Tour (NAPT). The NAPT offers TFT members the chance to qualify to play in a NAPT National Championship, alongside other regional tours, as well as in NAPT Pro events.

Tiger Florida Tour would like to extend a huge thank you to Brewland Billiards for, yet again, hosting a wonderful event! A very special thanks to Tiger Products, returning as our title sponsor; new sponsor Ulterior Chalkers; Boynton Billiards; Great Lakes Billiards Supply and Discount Mugs.

Don’t miss our next stop at Boulevard Billiards in Ocala March 19th!

($500-added, modified double elimination)

Stephanie Mitchell              $425
Roe Guarnero                     $300
Jeannie Seaver                    $185
Donna Favors                     $185
Cortney Bernard                 $100
Vanessa Seaver                   $100

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Tour. The next event is March 19th at Boulevard Billiards in Ocala, Florida. For more information, visit www.tigerfloridatour.com.

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