Tour Stop #4 – Qualifier for the Tornado Open!

This $500-added event will award one paid spot for the Pro 10-Ball event, and TWO paid spots for the Amateur 9-Ball event at the Tornado Open, Sept. 28th-Oct. 2nd at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL.
Pro 10-Ball Qualifier  $65 Entry
(For any player in the top 15 of the WPBA current rankings, the entry fee is $100)

Amateur 9-Ball Qualifier $10 plus Entry Fee below:
Non-member  $55
TFT member  $45

First-time       $30

You must be a member of the TFT to play in the Qualifier.
TFT Membership   $20 (half year)

NAPT  Membership (optional)     $15

This is a one-day, modified double elimination format. Race to 7 on the winners and 5 on the one-loss side.  We play down to 4 on each side (depending on the number of players), and redraw into a final bracket of eight. Those eight players on the Final Board will play a single-elimination race to 7.

  A $10 late fee is charged for Players arriving after 11:00 a.m. There is no guaranteed entry for late arrivals.
The draw is a blind draw by the tournament software. We will make every effort to ensure that you do not play someone that you came with in the first round.
  • Lag for break.
  • Rack your own.
  • Alternating break.
  • Two goes behind the 9-Ball.
  • A 9-ball that goes in behind the rack on the break spots.
  • No conceding the 9-ball. Doing so will result in the loss of one additional point.  For example, if the score is 5 – 5 and you concede the 9-ball, the score will be 6 – 4, rather than 6-5.
  • If you miscue on the break and the cue-ball passes the headstring, it is the other player’s option to break even if the cue ball does not touch an object ball.
  • Cue-ball fouls only.
  • Cellphones are not allowed to be out in the playing area during a match. They must also be kept on silent/vibrate. If your cellphone rings during your match, it is ball in hand to the other player.


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