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Monk does it again on the Tiger Florida Tour!

Ocala, Fla. (July 21, 2018) – After going through a dry spell for several years without a win on the Tiger Florida, Tour, Michell Monk won the TFT’s opening event of the year. Now, Monk has proved that she’s not only back, but she’s back with a vengeance. After a long day at Boulevard Billiards, Monk kept her composure, kept her cool, stayed the course and never gave up.  In the end, Monk was victorious in a difficult match late into the night over tour veteran Stephanie Mitchell, to win her second TFT tournament this year!

The women play a modified double elimination format. The final two from the one-loss side redraw back into the final two in the winners’ bracket onto a Final Board-single elimination race to seven.  Jeannie Seaver made it to the Final Board undefeated with wins against Becky Yelvington, Lauren Kowalski, and Nicolle Cuellar. Stephanie Mitchell also went undefeated against Gwen Sharpton and sending Monk west in a hill-hill match.  Cuellar came back from the one loss side after a tough match, ending the day for Lauren Kowalski 7-6, and Monk got to the Final Board beating out Becky Yelvington 7-4.

The redraw put Monk up against Seaver and Cuellar against Mitchell.  Monk stopped Seaver 7-5, and Mitchell did the same for Cuellar 7-2.  In the final hill-hill battle, and playing consistent as she had all day, Monk pulled out the win against Mitchell to win Tiger Florida Tour Stop #4.

With two events left for the year, this win has Monk on top of the leader board with 600 points, followed by Jessica Barnes with 500 points, and Nicolle Cuellar in third place with 400 points.

From the left:  Michell Monk, winner; Stephanie Mitchell, 2d; Jeannie Seaver, 3d/4th.  Nicolle Cuellar 3d/4th (not pictured).

Thanks to all the players who turned out for this event.  We also thank our title sponsor Tiger Products; and tour sponsors Great Lakes Billiards, Ultimate Chalkers, Boynton Billiards and AZ Billiards. Thank you to room owner Don Kreischer and Manager Jason for being great hosts!  Videos of matches can be viewed at

Results – $500-added

1st        Michell Monk              $400
2nd        Stephanie Mitchell      $275
3d/4th     Jeannie Seaver            $150
3d/4th     Nicolle Cuellar                        $150

The next event is at Brown’s Billiards in Dayton, August 25th.

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour. Visit for more information.

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Seaver wins TFT “Cues for the Cure!”

Nicole Cuellar & Seaver tie for 2017 Tour Champion

Largo FL  (Oct. 17, 2015) – Twenty-nine players from around the state converged at The Corner Pocket in Largo, Florida, for the Tiger Florida Tour’s $1,000-added, 9th Annual “Cues for Cure” breast cancer awareness fundraiser last month. At the end of the day, Jeannie Seaver went undefeated to win this special event once again, with this win making it three wins back to back to back.

This event was a modified double-elimination format, playing down to four players on each side. The four players on the one-loss side redrew into the winners side for a single elimination match.

Seaver went undefeated against Carrie  Metz, Sabra McArthur Beahn, Margarita Makeeva, Deanna Frost, and room owner Stephanie Mitchell to the final match, where she met up with Beahn in a revenge match.  Beahn got to the finals by defeating Celia Heinbach, Dixie Sutton, Elizabeth Brown, Lisa McElroy and caught a second wind coming back to take the match from Nicole Cuellar.  Beahn played strong all day, but not quite strong enough to stop Seaver’s trek to the finals.

Jeannie Seaver, winner and Sabra McArthur Beahn

Seaver’s win also tied Cuellar for the TFT 2017 Regional Tour Champion title. Seaver has earned the TC title four times since the Tour’s inception in 2009,  not including two ties, one with Crystal McCormick in 2015 and this year with Cuellar.

Three APA players also won cash thanks to the support from LeCain Family Insurance, Sutton Appliance & Installation and  Elizabeth Brown won the prize in the 2-3 category; Janice Larocca in the 4 – 5 category; and Casie Aynat in the 6 category. Thank you LeCain family!

A huge thanks to all of the players and spectators who devoted their time and money to  support this event, including those players who brought friends to play for the first time. Players and spectators had fun trying to land the crazy cue ball on the ribbons, guessing the number of M&Ms and Hershey’s kisses, in addition to winning prizes in the raffle.  The monies raised benefits the Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen.

A big shout out to Stephanie Mitchell, owner of The Corner Pocket, for being a great hostess of the TFT’s breastcancer awareness fundraising event! Also, thanks to Jeannie Seaver for donating prizes for the raffle and thanks to those who helped out with and participated in the fundraising.  As always, many thanks to our title sponsor Tiger Products, and continued thanks to our sponsors Pete Franco with Ulterior Chalkers; Great Lakes Billiards, Boynton Billiards and AZ Billiards for their year-long support of our Tour.  Kudos to Jerry Sotelo for his patience and hard work for another great year as the Tournament Director.  We appreciate you all!

* Results  ($1,000-added) *

1st   Jeannie Seaver            $600
2d    Sabra McArthur Beahn $400
3d/4th    Stephanie Mitchell   $225
3d/4th    Nicolle Cuellar         $225
5th – 8th   Marlene Houldsworth  $100
5th – 8th   Deanna Foster            $100
5th – 8th   Margarita Maeeeva     $100
5th – 8th   Cortney Bernard          $100

Stephanie Mitchell wins Tour Stop #4 at Cunningham’s!

Vero Beach, FL – Stephanie Mitchell literally came from the West on Saturday to win Tour Stop #4 on the Tiger Florida Tour at Cunningham’s in Vero Beach. Twenty-three players from around the state travelled to this event. The format was a one-day, 9-Ball, modified double elimination, playing down to four on each side. The four players from the one-loss side drew back into the winners single-elimination bracket.

The event saw a few early knock-out surprises including former Tour Champion and points leader Jeannie Seaver, and Jessica Human, fresh off her win at the West Coast Challenge. Joining Mitchell on the Final Board from the winner’s side

A very special thanks to Tiger Products, our title sponsor, Boynton Billiards, Great Lakes Billiards Supply, Discount Mugs and Ozone Billiards. A huge thank you to Chris, owner of Cunningham’s for hosting this event.

($500 added, modified double elimination)

Stephanie Mitchell             $395
Michell Monk                      $275
Nicolle Cuellar                    $180
Roe Guarnero                     $180
Amy Poulter                          $80
Marge Soash                        $80
Lisa McElroy                         $80
Shanelle Loraine                   $80

The Tiger Florida Tour is a WPBA-recognized Regional Tour, a stepping-stone to the WPBA. The next event is February 21st at Boulevard Billiards in Ocala, Florida. For more information, visit

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Jessica Barnes goes undefeated to win at The Corner Pocket!

By Skip Maloney, AZ Billiards staff writer

Jessica Barnes took down the Tiger Florida Tour’s current top-ranked player, Jeannie Seaver, in the finals of the $500-added fifth stop on the tour, held on Saturday, June 6. The event drew 22 entrants to The Corner Pocket in Largo, FL.

Utilizing a modified double elimination format, the 22 entrants played straight double elimination until there were two competitors left on each side of the bracket. At that point, it became a single elimination tournament, with two semifinals, and a final match.

Barnes path to the victory went through Becky Yelvington, Toni Curry, and Shanelle Lorraine before meeting up with McElroy for the first time. Seaver, after an opening round bye, defeated Deanna Foster, and Nicole Cuellar, before drawing Leslee Blaikie. Barnes sent McElroy to the loss side 7-5, as Seaver downed Blaikie 7-2. Barnes and Seaver then awaited loss-side results.

Over on the loss side, McElroy and Mitchell both met up with the players that had sent them to the loss side. McElroy picked up Marlene Houldsworth, whom she’d sent to the loss side in the second round (they’d each received byes in the first round). Houldsworth moved over and embarked on a four-match, loss-side streak that included back-to-back, double hill wins over Lyn Remsen and Shanelle Lorraine. Blaikie drew room owner Stephanie Mitchell, who, after being defeated by Blaikie in the third round, moved over and defeated Michell Monk and Cassidy Mulligan, both 5-3.

Both event quarterfinals went to double hill, before Mitchell and McElroy wreaked their vengeance on Blakie and Houldsworth and advanced to the event semifinals. In those semifinals, Barnes defeated McElroy a second time, 7-5, while Seaver downed Mitchell 7-1. Barnes claimed the event title 7-3.

Tour director Mimi McAndrews thanked Stephanie Mitchell and her staff at Corner Pocket for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Tiger Products, Ozone Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Discount Mugs, Boynton Billiards, and Great Lakes Billiards. Stop #6 on the Tiger Florida Tour, scheduled for July 11, will be hosted by Capone’s in Spring Hill, FL.


1st    Jessica Barnes          $400
2d     Jeannie Seaver          $300
3d     Stephanie Mitchell      $190
3d     Lisa McElroy               $190
5th    Leslie Blaikie               $90
5h     Marlene Houldsworth  $90


Seaver takes Stop #5 at Diamond Billiards

Story coming soon!