2019 Kick-off event!

Shanelle Loraine Breaks Thru on the TFT!

Port St. Lucie, Fla. (Sept. 16, 2017) – “First” was the theme on Saturday as 31 players came together after Hurricane Irma – the first Category 5 hurricane to hit Florida since 1992 – to compete at Tour Stop #5 on the Tiger Florida Tour.   This was the first TFT event and the first women’s event hosted by the brand new Shooters Billiards in Port St. Lucie.

Players competed on 9 ft’ shimmed Diamond tables that contributed to an extra long night for some. The TFT plays a modified, double elimination format, playing down to four on each side. The four on the one-loss redraw back into the winners’ side into a Final Board of 8, single elimination race to 7.

Early upsets saw Becky Yelvington send Stephanie Mitchell west 7-5, Katie Bowse handed Shanelle Lorraine her only loss 7-2, and Julia Spinella prevailed over Nicolle Cuellar 7-2. The four players from the winners’ side included Yelvington, Michell Monk, Jessica Human and Roe Guarnero. Making it to the Final Board of 8 from the one-loss side – Jeannie Seaver, Lorraine, Cuellar and Mitchell.  Mitchell drew Guarnero, winning 7-5; Cuellar won over Monk in another 7-5 match; Seaver matched up with Yelvington, ending Yelvington’s night 7-4; and Lorraine drew Human, taking the match 7-5.  That left Seaver versus Cuellar in the semi-finals, which ended in a 7-3 loss for Cuellar; and Mitchell losing to Lorraine on the hill 7-6.

The final match came down to Seaver v. Lorraine.  Being in the semi-finals was Lorraine’s best finish ever.  However, it was unusually late so the two finalists agreed to a one-game sudden-death match for the win, points and title. People who know these two players would likely have put the odds on veteran player Seaver to win the game.  Seaver won the lag for the break. She made the one and the three-ball but didn’t have much of a shot afterwards as the cue ball stopped, tied up to the two ball.  Seaver played a safe, pushing the two into the side rail and sending the cue ball up and back down half the table. Lorraine tried to cross bank the two and the cue ball hit the nine, sending it straight to the same pocket as the two-ball and just when it looked like the nine might go in, it collided with the two, leaving the two in front of the side pocket.

Seaver took the table back and proceeded to make the two in the side, getting shape for the four in the opposite corner pocket, then pocketing the five with a bridge in the opposite corner and leaving herself with a long shot on the six, which was on the rail back toward the opposite end of the table.  Seaver over-cut the six trying to get shape for the seven, knocking the six down to the end rail and then up to the other of end the table, but — hiding the cue ball.  Lorraine was forced to kick at the six and kick she did – making the six in corner pocket. But now she didn’t have a good shot on the seven which was close to the long rail on the other side. Trying a thin back cut towards the opposite corner pocket, the cue ball hit the seven then went to the bottom rail and came back, hitting the seven as it was headed towards the pocket, and knocking the seven close to the side pocket.

Seaver was back at the table again, always a dangerous situation to be in – Seaver at the table with only three balls left. She made the seven in the side, but didn’t quite get on the right side of the eight. Seaver was forced to make the eight in the same side pocket drawing the cue ball up and down table and with the cue ball resting almost center table for a spot shot on the nine in the corner pocket.  Seaver shot at the nine but overcut it, hitting the nine into the lower side rail and leaving it just off the bottom rail.  The cue ball ended up at the opposite end of the table.  Lorraine had little choice with so much space between the cue ball and the nine – play safe or go for the bank. After sizing up the shot, Lorraine aimed and made a perfect bank on the nine to win her first event on the Tiger Florida Tour!

From the left: Stephanie Mitchell, 3rd/4th; Jeannie Seaver, 2nd; Shanelle Lorraine,
winner; David Cintron, room owner; Nicolle Cuellar, 3rd/4th not pictured.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for this event.  We also thank our title sponsor Tiger Products; and sponsors Great Lakes Billiards, Ulterior Chalkers, Boynton Billiards, AZ Billiards and Discount Mugs. Thank you to room owner David Cintron and his wife, Denise; room manager Joanne Colpitts (not pictured); Jeff and Cassie Howell, Treasure Coast APA League owners, and all the staff at Shooters Billiards for being great hosts!

Results – $500-added

1st        Shanelle Lorraine       $375
2nd       Jeannie Seaver          $350
3d/4th    Nicolle Cuellar            $200
3d/4th   Stephanie Mitchell       $200
5th/8th   Becky Yelvington          $90
5th/8th  Michell Monk                 $90
5th/8th  Jessica Human             $90
5th/8th  Roe Guarnero               $90

Highest finishing APA player Jodi Taylor  $25


Debbie McIntosh wins first event at the TFT

Ocala, Fla. (March 25, 2017) – A new face emerged as the one to beat at Tour Stop 2 of the Tiger Florida Tour at Boulevard Billiards in Ocala.  Debbie McIntosh came from the one loss side to win this $500-added, modified double elimination format.  Debbie is relatively new to the Tour and played only a few times last year.  Most players are more familiar with her teenage daughter, Kayee, who also plays on the TFT and who is emerging as one of the top junior players in the country. Kaylee finished 5th-6th.

Debbie McIntosh surprised many, winning over newcomer Gwen Sharpton (7-1), taking the hill-hill match from top TFT player Stephanie Mitchell, before losing on the hill to “Mike” Fitzgerald. On the one-loss side, McIntosh challenged another top player, Michell Monk (5-2), earning her way back to the single elimination board. McIntosh drew Fitzgerald again, but this time McIntosh prevailed (7-5) to take on Nicolle Cuellar in the finals.

Cuellar’s path to the finals started by sending Margarita Makeeva to the one-loss side (7-2), followed by Cameron Cook (7-1), and then meeting Kaylee McIntosh in a lengthy double-hill match.  Once on the single elimination board, Cuellar ended the day for Mitchell in another lengthy double hill match in the semi-finals.  Cuellar’s match in the finals with McIntosh wasn’t easy, and a few mistakes cost Cuellar the win against McIntosh, who was playing lights out.

From the left: Debbie McIntosh, winner; Nicolle Cuellar, 2d.

Thanks to the players who turned out for this event.  We thank our title sponsor Tiger Products; and sponsors Great Lakes Billiards, Ultimate Chalkers, Boynton Billiards, AZ Billiards and Discount Mugs. Thank you to room owner Donald Krischer and everyone at Boulevard Billiards for being great hosts!

Results – $500-added

1st        Debbie McIntosh         $410
2nd        Nicolle Cuellar            $285
3d/4th     “Mike” Fitzgerald       $170
3d/4th     Stephanie Mitchell     $170
5th/6th     Kaylee McIntosh         $75
5th/6th   Michell Monk                 $75

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour. Tour Stop #3 is April 29, 2017, at Brewlands Billiards in  Tampa, FL.

Asia Cy Takes Tiger Florida Tour Kick-off Event!

Lakeland, Fla. (Jan. 28, 2017) – The new year brought new faces to the 2017 Tiger Florida Tour Women’s 9-Ball Kick-off event at Brewlands Billiards in Lakeland, Florida, and new faces in the finals.  Among them Asia Cy, who made her debut on the TFT by going undefeated in the modified, double elimination format.  Cy, who just arrived in Florida days ago from North Carolina, wasted no time getting acclimated to the Florida 9-ball climate.  Cy finished the races to 7 easily over Celia Heinbach (7-2), Janice LaRocca (7-1), Stephanie Mitchell (7-3), Donna Favors (7-3) and Michell Monk (7-6) to make it to the Finals.

Favors got to the finals from the one-loss side with initial wins over Lauren Kowalski (7-3) and Lisa McElroy (7-6), then losing to Cy but defeating teen up-and-comer Kaylee McIntosh (5-3).  Favors prevailed over Nicolle Cuellar in a tough hill-hill battle in the semi-finals to take on Cy once again in the final match.  This was Favors first time in the finals as well.  Cy and Favors went neck and neck for the first eight games, then Cy then broke loose and won the next three games for the win. Some of the matches can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZimU3Hg1UA.

2017 Kick-off event at Brewlands Billiards

From the left: Donna Favors, 2nd; Gina Valenti, Managers; Asia Cy, winner.

Some surprises during the day saw McIntosh, who made the money for the first time, sending home three veteran players – Tour Champion Jeannie Seaver (5-2), Leslee Blaikie (5-1) and Jessica Barnes (5-3). Watch out for this rising star!

Thanks to all the players who turned out for this opening event.  We also thank our returning title sponsor Tiger Products; and returning sponsors Great Lakes Billiards, Ultimate Chalkers, Boynton Billiards, AZ Billiards and Discount Mugs. Thank you to Chad Clement, Larry Walthall and Mike Dauskart and everyone at Brewlands Billiards for being great hosts!

Results – $500-added

1st        Asia Cy                           $425
2nd        Donna Favors              $300
3d/4th     Nicolle Cuellar              $185
3d/4th     Michell Monk                $185
5th/6th     Kaylee McIntosh          $100
5th/6th   Jessica Human             $100

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour. Visit www.tigerfloridatour.com for more information.

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Seaver Sisters finish top 2 at Cues for the Cure!

Jeannie Seaver holds on to Tour Champion title

Stuart, Fla. (Oct. 22, 2016) – Jeannie Seaver went undefeated for the second time in a row this year to take the Tiger Florida Tour’s 8th Annual “Cues for the Cure” breast cancer awareness fundraiser. Thirty-five women played in shades of pink in this $1,000-added modified double elimination event.

Four players from the winners side and four from the loser’s side made it to the final single elimination board. Jeannie handily made it to the final board after sending several players west – Suzayn Yap 7-2, Roe Guarnero 7-5, and Cheryl Perez 7-4.  Vanessa also made it to the final board undefeated, getting past Mandolin Robinson 7-0, Sue Roberts 7-5, and Cortney Bernard 7-2.  Crystal McCormick also made it to the final board undefeated against Susan Correa 7-4, Stephanie Mitchell 7-3, abd Echo Pinkley 7-5. Marlene Houldsworth was the final player from the winners’ side to make it to the single elimination bracket, getting past Shiri Avrahami 7-1, Susan Ruisi 7-5, and Julia Spinella 7-4.  Making it to the final board from the one-loss side: Tour Director Mimi McAndrews, Stephanie Mitchell, Kelly Coyle, and Echo Pinkley.

The final four from one-loss side redrew into a single elimination bracket race to 7. Coyle drew Jeannie Seaver but lost 7-3, and Mitchell drew Houldsworth, winning 7-4. Pinkley matched up against McCormick, winning 7-4, and Vanessa played McAndrews, winning 7-3.  Vanessa went on to defeat Pinkley 7-4, making it Vanessa’s first trip to the Finals of a TFT event. Meanwhile, Seaver’s sister, Jeannie, defeated Mitchell in the semi-finals 7-4 to meet up with Vanessa in the first sister-to-sister final!  Not to be distracted by playing ‘sis for the first time in the finals, Jeannie went on to win the match and the tournament 7-2.  This win also secured the TFT Tour Champion title for the second year in a row.

2016 Cues for the Cure!

2016 Cues for the Cure!

We thank our title sponsor Tiger Products; Ozone Billiards; Great Lakes Billiards, Ultimate Chalkers, Boynton Billiards, AZ Billiards and Discount Mugs. Of course, thanks to Amy Poulter for being a great hostess again!  Thank you also to those who donated prizes for the Cues for the Cure raffle: Janis Sessions, Nicolle Cuellar (Stitchittomeembroidery.com), Pete Franco (Ulterior Chalkers), Boynton Billiards, and Keith Columbo, Billiard Engineering (The Sleeve).  And a huge thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to in the fundraiser. All of the proceeds raised benefit the South Florida Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Results – $1000-added

1st        Jeannie Seaver           $600
2nd        Vanessa Seaver         $400
3d/4th     Stephanie Mitchell      $300
3d/4th     Echo Pinkley               $300
5th/8th     Crystal McCormick     $150
5th/8th   Marlene Houldsworth $150
5th/8th  Kelly Coyle                   $150
5th-8th   Mimi McAndrews       $150

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour.

Mitchell brings it home at Tour Stop #4!


Largo, Fla. (July 10, 2016) – Winning TFT Stop #5 was not Stephanie Mitchell’s first win on the Tiger Florida Tour. In fact, this was her second win this year. Winning at her home turf just made it that much sweeter.

Mitchell is the owner of The Corner Pocket, host to TFT Stop #5. Despite the distractions of hosting a tournament in your own room, Mitchell was not to be stopped. She started out by defeating Jeri Bouvette 7-5; Cortney Bernard 7-1, before going west thanks to Nicolle Cuellar 7-3.  Mitchell stopped her friend and newcomer to the TFT, Casie Ayrnat, 5-3; and veteran regional tour player but also new to the TFT, Ashley Nandrasy, 7-5, in the semi-finals to match up against Leslee Blaikee.

Blaikee got to the finals after losing her first match to Tour Director Mimi McAndrews, 7-3.  Leslie came to the tournament to win, though, and got past Julia Spinella and Donna Favors 5-3, won a hill-hill match with Courtney Bernard, and won 5-3 over Jessica Barnes and Michell Monk putting her in the finals against Mitchell.

In the final race to 7, however, Mitchell came alive and took the match 7-3 over Blaikee, who played strong all day, to her credit. Mitchell won the tournament and the paid Qualifying spot to Vivian Villareal’s Tornado Open at the Seminole Hardrock Casino at the end of September.

Two spots to the Women’s Amateur 9-ball were also up for grabs, won by Ayrnat and Sabra MacArthur Beahn.

We thank our title sponsor Tiger Products; Ozone Billiards; Great Lakes Billiards, Ultimate Chalkers, Boynton Billiards, AZ Billiards and Discount Mugs. Of course, thanks to Stephanie Mitchell for being a great host!

Results – $500-added

1st        Stephanie Mitchell      $425
2nd        Leslee Blaikee           $300
3d/4th     Nicolle Cuellar           $185
3d/4th     Ashley Nandrasy       $185
5th/6th     Michell Monk            $100
5th/6th   Casie Ayrnat              $100

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour. The TFT’s next event is Sept. 10th at Diamond Billiards Sports Bar & Grill in Cape Coral, Florida.